We recently did an overhaul of the rules to make them easier to go through.
So we separated the build rules from all the other rules we have at our track, which includes what our flags mean, what time to arrive, how to dispute a ruling, the way our club works and much more. Really, YOU should read through them.

Download Build Rules.

Download General Rules.

Download Membership Form.

Download Truck Derby Build Rules.

Download V6 Build Rules.

Rules / Explanation of Special Events

  • KDDAs Official Build Rules for 2018.
  • Chain Race – Must connect 2 cars with a chain (or cable, or strap). Both cars
    maybe powered. 10 foot minimum distance between connected cars. Figure 8.
  • Mini Van Class Rules
  • Truck Class Rules
  • V6 Class Rules
  • Team Race – 3 car teams (you may have a 2 car team if you want). First team to have
    a team member complete 8 laps (heat style) wins.
  • Team Derby – 3 car teams. Finale style your team vs. the oher team. Team with the
    last car running wins. Round robin tournament style.
  • Football – First team to get the “football” across the goal. Event closed to general
  • FlagPole – First car to complete 8 laps around all the tires wins. This is kind of
    like barrel racing only with cars (12 or more at a time!).
  • Chain and Go Rules This is a finale style event. The cars are a minimal build.
    This set of rules also defines what we consider metric cars.
  • Kitsap Krash – This is a normal finale using the general KDDA rules with a larger
    than normal purse per class.

Questions for the board
If you have questions about any of the above rules / explanations please feel free
to contact one of the board members. Please see the Contact us page
for contact information.