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Gone but not forgotten

We remember those here who have been a part of our sport and we say thank you to them all for being a part of something we could not do on our own.   

Driver: Rick Schraeder - 50
Years Active: 2023

 Every now and then, someone will come along that has the passion for something they love to the degree of being able to affect those around them.  Rick was just such a person. He joined the club in 2023 and was a great asset to the club and the sport.  Not only did he join, he brought a small army of other new members with him and he helped keep them going as well. This was great for the car count and injected a fresh new group of much needed members into our club. This boost in membership will likely be felt for years to come. 
 His passion for derby and racing was obvious and we will miss his enthusiasm, always helping anyone whenever he could.

Driver: Tom Taylor "The Hit Man"  - 27
Years Active: TBD

 Tom was a member of the KDDA many years ago.  He was known to be quite the showman and a crowd favorite. He left many friends behind.  He was a member of the "KDDA COPS" and it's been said he once built a derby truck for a remote event where he won and after he wiped the the competitors out, he drove the truck back onto his trailer.  It's thought this is the truck used for that derby.  He brought that same kind of building and driving skills to the KDDA. There are still a few members in the club in 2023 who have had the privilege of calling Tom a racing partner and friend.  

Driver: Mark Armstrong - 16
Years Active: Unknown

 Mark Armstrong.  A man determined.  This is one of only a very few photos of Mark with his one win.  Why would would we mention that?  Well, Mark was determined and had heart!  While he wasn't a top spot contender, he continued to return to the track without fail and he never gave up in the face of adversity.  He had little resources, but continued to come back year after year and race after race.  That takes dedication.  Mark had the same spark we all should have when it comes to this sport and it shows because he never gave up and finally got to the winner's circle.  This was a well earned and proud moment for Mark.

Driver: Vincent Moris - 153
Years Active: Unknown

Vincent Moris. If there were a way to follow or bend the rules, Vince could figure out how. He had a way about him that was unlike the average derby club member. Vince built cars that were not typical and he did pretty well and had several wins in his rear view mirror.  Who else would figure out that a suitcase makes a great signboard for a station wagon style car?  He even figured out how to make it look like he had M&M's sponsor him.  He managed to get his hands on a real race team M&M's sponsored jacket to complete the look.  Vince was creative and an overall good man.  He often helped the new guys when he could.  On occasion, you will still see hints of other cars and drivers paying tribute to Vince as a reminder that he is not forgotten.       

Driver: Tony "The Flash" Fuller - 92
Years Active: Unknown

Tony Fuller loved to win and if you were up against him, you knew that he was the one to beat.  He ran the Audi-Volkswagen platform exclusively and he knew the cars well.  He was smart about how he built with tricks like thinner head gaskets found in the VW diesel engine to raise compression levels and figuring out that there was a Dodge Omni that used a Carbureted version of the engine. He made that carburetor setup work on his cars rather than using the fragile fuel injection system found on the VW/Audi setup. Tony also served as club president.  His legacy of helping others get started lives on to this day and there are members in this club because he took the time to share his craft with a couple of young kids who were fascinated with is cars and another who simply asked to be a part of his pit crew.  Tony Left the club as a Champion who earned enough points to take that title without once participating in the grand finale.  He was that fast and won that many races and he is still missed by those who knew him best.  The guy who's dust you were probably eating if you were racing him.                 

We know there are more members to add to this page.  We want to remember them with a Picture and a write up so If you know who they are and you have details a short write up and a photo of them, preferably with their car would be welcomed.
Currently, the names of those below are the ones we know of and need details and pictures please.

James Gregerson - 129
Johnny Graham - 137
"Grandpa Sharkey" -113
Ed Dano - 47
Don Mansford- 46
Shawn Smith - 95
Leo Hovland - 99
Mark Moore - 55
Mike Hoben - 100
J. Greene - 20
"Super Dave" Williams - 
Dell Tucker - 


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