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Frequently Asked Questions

Check in this section to see if your questions can be answered here.

*  I have a junk car that I would like to give to the club.  Does the KDDA take such vehicles?  - As a club we are not a salvage company and do not have facilities for accepting vehicles.  If you have an automobile that you wish to dispose of, you might be able to make contact with a driver who may be interested if what you are getting rid of is usable for the derby.  There are many wrecking yards in the Kitsap county area who can also assist you with vehicle disposal.

*  I bought ticket(s) online and I have an issue with the purchase.  Does the KDDA provide refunds or can you help with my purchase? - We do not control the online ticket sales but can suggest contacting the point of sale where you purchased your tickets for assistance.

*  Does the fairgrounds have ADA compliant facilities?  - The fairgrounds are a county operated facility and as such, are required to have ADA compliant facilities,  If you have an issue and require further assistance, you would need to contact the Kitsap County/Fairgrounds management to assist you.  


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