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Drivers and BIO's

Driver: Chris Rowland - 72 (Red Shirt Guy)
Sponsors: Rust-Ease, Dinocal, Calihan Auto Parts, Pizza Planet.
Favorite Cars: Volkswagon Fox, Crown Imperial, Whatever I can get my hands on.

I’ve been involved in the derby for about 24 years. My first experience was like many. I came and watched a few times. There was this one driver who wore a bright yellow suit, and he kept winning. I watched him work his car in the pits over after he raced and quickly realized he was working alone. This was dedication! I got him to come to the fence and after introducing myself, I offered to help change tires and get water for his car. He agreed, I joined the club, and now I was part of a team. That man was Tony Fuller. The bright yellow suit was known throughout the club as “The Chicken Suit” and he was known as “The Flash”. Tony was my mentor for many years even after I decided to build my own car. We built Volkswagen and Audi Foxes mostly. When he retired, I later tried my hand in the Big Car class, and I am currently building one more that I hope to have out on the track before the end of the 2023 season.       

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