Kitsap Destruction Derby Association

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Here's a video with a little of what we do

About Us

Our club was incorporated in 1970 and began its first racing season that summer as cars where being sent off of Detroit’s assembly line with considerable amounts of heavy steel, chrome and large displacement engines.
From then 'til now we have helped send countless Cars, Vans, Wagons, Trucks, and even a hearse and a couple of Mail Jeeps to their proper burials while providing quality entertainment for the whole family. 

Current Day Autos

The ease of getting a big old land yacht and throwing a few parts on it to get it running enough to compete are becoming a thing of the past. Computerized ignition controls and sophisticated fuel management systems make it a challenge to keep the cars running like in the days of the past.
Those who wish to participate require a high level of dedication. Some still have a older inventory of parts that still work for them but those old resources are becoming scarce as we slowly send our cars to be recycled into the modern day automobiles we drive today.

Evolution Of The Sport

The sport has evolved dramatically over the years. The aftermarket of equipment and parts designed to prolong the life of the cars on the track is astounding. There are builders and creators who specialize in specific products that are designed take the kind of abuse that only a demo derby driver can dish out.  These parts do come at a cost.  Some of those cars you see on the track have several thousands of dollars invested in them so you can enjoy a great show and they can return for round after round of racing and smashing.    

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